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Direct Primary Care For Business Owners 

The sacrifices of running a business are considerable. Providing quality healthcare to your employees should be painless. At Reform ABQ we work with business owners to provide quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost. Direct primary care is an innovative solution for businesses of virtually all sizes and when paired with a high-deductible health plan, it's a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top-quality health benefits to their employees. 


The Answers You Need

Direct Primary Care Memberships are a convenient way to provide quality care, improve employee health and provide a competitive benefit for recruitment and retention. As healthcare costs continue to rise yearly, DPC can provide a more cost-effective alternative to help you manage your employees’ health expenses.

How Can Direct Primary Care Membership Help Your Company? 

Implementing our Direct Primary Care Model into your business is simple because our office will manage employee enrollments. If your company currently offers health benefits, it will not disrupt this plan. Here is how implementation will work:

  • We will conduct a business review to determine your company's needs

  • A contract that outlines our services and conditions will be signed

  • We will schedule a time to market our plan with your employees and begin the enrollment process

  • Once your staff is enrolled their healthcare benefits begin immediately

How Do I Implement Direct Primary Care For My Employees? 

During your business review, we can discuss how your company wants your benefits to be set up. Here are a few examples of how payment structures can occur:

  • Employee Only Membership Payment— The employer will cover the monthly membership cost, and all additional charges are the employee's responsibility.

  • Employee and Family Membership Payment— The employer will cover the monthly membership cost for their employee and their designated family members, and all additional charges are the employee's responsibility.

How Are Payments Made?

Direct Primary Care Benefits

Benefits That Go Above & Beyond!

Employee Health Promotion

We take the time to understand your company culture. Then, we collaborate with your employees to deliver the results you need.

No Co-Payment

There is never an additional co-payment for in-office or telehealth appointments. 

Comprehensive Care

We offer high-quality care for the whole family. This includes chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), mental health, medical weight loss, etc.

Minor Procedures

Minor suturing, ear wax removal, and skin biopsy are all included in your membership fee. If there is an extra charge for a service, you will know the price prior.

Always Open Enrollment

Tired of waiting until open enrollment to make changes? We can enroll employees on an ongoing basis and make adjustments when you need.


We guarantee same-day & next-day appointments. Your employees will also have access to our provider during the weekend. 

Jacqueline Rodgers, CNP nurse practitioner at Reform ABQ. She is wearing black scrubs and holding a red stethoscope.

The Recipe Is Simple

For A Thriving Business, You Need Thriving Employees!

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