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The Answers You Need

Your membership fee covers excellent primary care through unrestricted office visits, annual wellness exams, well-child exams, sports physicals, school physicals, basic office procedures, treatment of acute illness or minor injuries, minimal wait times in the office, and same-day or next-day appointments. 

What does my direct primary care membership fee cover?

Yes! As Family Medicine Nurse Practitioners, we provide care for patients of all ages and stages.

Does Reform ABQ see patients of all ages?

We understand that your needs may change, and we want to help you through whatever transitions you're making. If you need to cancel memberships, we would appreciate a 10-day notice. 

What if I need to cancel my membership?

At this time Reform ABQ does not bill Medicaid or Medicare for services. These patients seeking primary care services will need to join as a direct primary care member. 

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Yes and No! We accept some health insurance plans and offer direct primary care memberships. For our direct primary care memberships, we don't bill or use health insurance for your visit, but we can bill your insurance for lab fees, and diagnostic testing.

Do you take health insurance at Reform ABQ?

We recommend that you have health insurance, which would cover you in the case of hospitalization, surgical procedures, and/or cancer care. 

Should you cancel your health insurance plan once you have a membership with Reform ABQ?

Direct primary care members get same day or next day appointments, 1 hour visits and have the ability to contact the provider 7 days a week because our relationship is not guided by the insurance company. 

Why do direct primary care members get other benefits?

No! Reform ABQ has opted to be a COVID-19 Test to Treat site. This means we can treat community members regardless if they choose to establish themselves as primary care patients. However, appointments cannot be guaranteed as we also need to care for our established patients.

Do I need to be a practice patient to receive COVID-19 Treatments?

The price for treatment varies. Currently, our office has the preferred oral treatment (Paxlovid) in stock and charges a $10 dollar dispensing fee.

What is the cost for COVID-19 Treatments?

Yes, our office can test for COVID-19. We can currently offer rapid-antigen and PCR testing for a $25.00 fee. Our office will not bill insurance for COVID-19 testing.

Do you offer COVID-19 Testing?

Still, Have Questions?

Read Some of Our Commonly Asked Questions.

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